Karried Away Dream Makers...

Meet Wet Seal...

Wet Seal certainly served in making a dream come true. They recognized the talent and ambition in Karrie, looked beyond the "disability", accepted her, included her, and supported her.

Karrie achieved and continues to achieve her dream as a professional model.

Karrie's Honorable Mentions...

Meet Kenny...

Kenny was taken from this earth at the young age of 18 in 2007; however, not before he left his mark in accepting, including, and supporting people with disabilities, specifically autism. Kenny's best friend's brother, Kyle (picture, front) has autism. Kenny touched Kyle's heart and Kyle touched his, as evident in this picture. People with autism do not generally embrace and as you can see Kyle welcomes the warm hug from Kenny. This was taken at one of the Walks for Autism.

In his short life, and primarily over the last two years of his life, Kenny was reaching out and connecting with children and adults with autism. He spent a significant amount of time with Kyle including taking time out of his school schedule to see Kyle's class performances in the theater arts, and he insisted that  his friends join him in support. He also volunteered at a local dance studio (providing specialized services to children with autism and related developmental disorders) and participated in the Walk for Autism.

Kenny didn't have the opportunity to be affiliated with KarriedAway but we recognize his efforts in acceptance and support.

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