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The UNSINKABLE Karrie Brown!!! Ms. Brown is a badged celebrity on facebook, has walked the Red Carpet at the Pre-Oscars, and became the first person with Down syndrome to model for the national chain clothing line, Wet Seal. For more information about Karrie's career visit her resume page.

Ms. Brown is a young woman living in Illinois. She enjoys fashion and has a wicked sense of humor. On the first day of school (2013), her mom posted a photo on Facebook, which resulted in questions about Karrie's clothes. "Where did you buy such stylish clothes that fit so well?" Karrie has a more curvy body style plus she is only 4' 8".  This led to discussions about her favorite store, Wet Seal and how Karrie's dream was to be a model for Wet Seal.  On a Tuesday at 1:30 pm, a Facebook page went up, Karrie Brown-Modeling the Future. On Wednesday by noon, Wet Seal corporate office in Orange County, California, issued a challenge.  If Karrie could reach 10,000 likes by 5:00 pm on Friday, they promised a surprise.  The surprise was on Wet Seal! Karrie reached over 11,000 likes by 11:00 am on Thursday!

Two weeks later, Karrie and her mom flew to California to Wet Seal corporate offices for a private photo shoot, to attend a new product line kick-off party as a VIP, to meet with a designer, to have a dream shopping spree, and a trip to Disney Land. The entire trip revolved around Karrie being the star of the show!

Since returning from the whirlwind tour, she has been featured in J-14, #1 teen celebrity magazine with a 16.5 million subscriber base, and headed back to CA at the end of February to walk the red carpet and attend pre-Oscar events!!! Karrie's Facebook page continues to grow with international support.  She has been featured on numerous webizines, national television websites, and in international articles.  Many of these are well known news organizations such as,,,, and, just to name a few. Karrie recently made her film debut in a film, The Decision, to be released in May, 2017. The film has been nominated to many international film festivals. She has been described as the face of a New Movement, depicting what people with disabilities can achieve.

Just in case it was not mentioned before, Karrie has multiple diagnoses such as: Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, and hearing loss, but these do not define who she is as a person.

Also they have not stopped her from...

 Getting Karried Away!

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Maryville, IL 62062


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